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This is how FICIME’s launch for 2021 looked like

The last October 4th at 6:00 p.m. we launched the second version of Film and Metal international festival- FICIME. These are the most relevant news:

1. First version FICIME 2019 recap:

El Festival Internacional de Cine y Metal – FICIME was originated as an initiative to make visible and support Metal’s music industry and cinematography in Colombia, the festival creates spaces of reflection around this genre that have influenced in the search of identity of many generations and has been influenced by many arts.

In the first FICIME’s version that took place from July 23rd to 27th in 2019, 68 films of 22 countries in 8 categories at national and international level were showed. Likewise, 2 panels of Metal and its relationship with other arts, and of Heavy Metal´s academic study in the world took place. For these panels, there were 2 international guests and 6 national guests, including Mauricio Leiva, director of the Colombian movie “La noche de la bestia” (The night of the beast) that tells the story of 2 teenagers in their first concert of Iron Maiden in Bogotá.

2. Crowdfunding

We want to come back with more films and guests! We have created a campaign of crowdfunding through the platform Vaki. You can support with any amount, only the union of many vakers matters. We also have many rewards as a gratitude for your big support:

Support our campaign in Vaki

3. First guests:

We have the pleasure to present the first guests for the second version of FICIME in 2021. They are the film makers of 2 documentaries that will have an exclusive premiere in Colombia. These are the trailers:

Sin Barreras. Metal en los reclusorios (No boundaries, Metal in prisons)

Sin Barreras is a documentary that shows the experience of a tour of five prisons in Mexico City, by the Mexican metal band S7N

Actos de resistencia, Heavy Metal en Latinoamérica (Acts of resistance, Heavy Metal in Latin America)

This film follows Dr. Nelson Varas-Díaz while he documents the way Metal fans and musicians use the power of music to change their societies. Whether it is to encourage support to rural schools in Guatemala, participate in the environmental activism in Ecuador or make activities for the memory and peace in Colombia, Metal music has become in one form of decolonial activism in Latin America. This is what happens when extreme sounds and music letters combine with local worries and a good living. Metal has taken the streets and it is a force to be considered beyond the stage.

Expect more news 
¡See you in 2021! 

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