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See the memoirs of first edition in 2019

The International Film and Metal Festival - FICIME is an initiative to make visible and support the metal music and film industry in Colombia and the world, generating spaces of discussion and diffusion around this musical genre that has influenced the search for identity of many generations and has relation with different arts.

In its first version, it was held from 23 to 27 July 2019, 68 audiovisual works from 22 countries were screened in 8 categories at the national and international levels. Also, two panels on metal music and its relationship with other arts and on the academic study of heavy metal in the world. Two international and six national guests participated in these panels, including Mauricio Leiva, director of the colombian film "La noche de la bestia" that tells the story of two young people in their first concert of the Iron Maiden group in Bogotá.

According to Sebastián Alvarado FICIME Artistic Director

"When we started with this idea, some thought that there were no films about Heavy Metal, others had never related film to music. We, without being experts, knew that all over the world there is Metal and where there is Metal, there is a fan and that fan has a cell phone or a camera, and that is that the cinema is not in a multiplex or is shot in 8k resolution. Metal is a voice of resistance for the maverick and transformative of multiple realities. That’s what we want to present to you in the following memoirs of the First International Film and Metal Festival - FICME. A project that decentralizes cinema in different places in Bogota and towns, very different films were screened: video clips, animations, documentaries and all the genres of fiction such as comedies and terror, in addition, through two panels we appreciate how the plastic arts and poetry complement each other with Metal, in addition, to knowing the academic research on Heavy Metal in the world, which is very incipient in Colombia."

The following publication belongs to the memories of this first edition and we want to announce that we are working for the second version in 2021.

See here the memories in web version

FICIME: The Film Festival that Metalworkers Expected RESONANTES-CANAL TRECE

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