13 October, 2020

This is how FICIME’s launch for 2021 looked like

El pasado 4 de octubre a las 6:00 p.m. realizamos el lanzamiento de la segunda versión del Festival Internacional de Cine y Metal - FICIME. Te contamos las noticias más relevantes.

4 October, 2020

Help us to continue making the first Film and Metal Festival in the world!

The first festival that brought together cinema and metal in one place is preparing its second version for the year 2021. We want to return with more films, more guests, reach the whole world and you can help us make it happen!

27 July, 2020

See the memoirs of first edition in 2019

In its first version, it was held from 23 to 27 July 2019, 68 audiovisual works from 22 countries were screened.

29 July, 2019

See the winners of FICIME 2019

In its first version, the International Film and Metal Festival awarded 8 works in 8 categories with "El Filmitache".

16 July, 2019

Studying Heavy Metal in Latin America

Professor Varas-Díaz imposes himself as one of the Latin American voices specialized in Heavy Metal research.

10 July, 2019

Heavy Metal from ethnomusicology

There are two relevant aspects to study Metal from ethnomusicology: musicological training and trans / multidisciplinary.

16 June, 2019

The first fiction feature film about Metal in Colombia

We interview the director of "The Night of the Beast" feature film based on the first Iron Maiden concert in Colombia.

10 June, 2019

Recent Necrospective of Indian Heavy Metal

We interview the director of the documentary "Extreme Nation" a journey through the Heavy Metal of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal and Pakistan.

1 June, 2019

Is Heavy Metal Apolitical?

We interview Nelson Varas-Díaz, director of the guest documentary "Song Of Injustices".

20 January, 2019

Meet the International Film and Metal Festival - FICIME

It is the first film and metal festival in the world born in Bogotá, Colombia.