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Meet the International Film and Metal Festival - FICIME

The International Film and Metal Festival - FICIME, is a project born in Bogotá, Colombia that seeks to show all the references in audiovisual and cinematographic matters that talk about Metal, a genre of extreme music that has been around half a century.

In the words of Festival Director Sebastián Alvarado: "We seek to have 5 days of festival where we show all kinds of documentaries, fiction and video clips from around the world about metal, we know from our experience as filmmakers that there are many works around the world related to this type of music and our proposal is unique in the world in that aspect".

Why the Metal?

Heavy Metal is a musical genre that has influenced the search for identity of many generations and has relation with different arts.

"There are music film festivals where all kinds of genres are accepted, but our approach is to make this extreme music that has been around for half a century visible," says the Festival’s Executive Producer.

What is a Film Festival?

Many people are not familiar with what a film festival includes, the ultimate reference in this matter in the world is the Cannes Film Festival in France, a festival that was born to attract tourism in this part of France, like the Wacken Open Air in music. In Colombia, the oldest and most important film festival is the Cartagena de Indias International Film Festival, known by its acronym FICCI.

A film festival is an event that depending on the type can last between 3 days or several weeks, in this period of time all kinds of activities related to the film industry are done, including, in addition to screening films, talks, workshops, international guests, among others.

Where did the idea come from?

The organizers of FICIME, are audiovisual directors for more than 8 years passionate about metal, during 2014, made the documentary "Colombian Metalheads" with the intention of distributing it internationally and show the metal scene in Colombia, was premiered in October 2016 at the Bogotá Film Festival - BOGOCINE and has been shown in several places in Bogotá, but internationally did not pass the filters of foreign film festivals.

"Besides that it was not a professional job, because we were at that time empirical in this, it turns out that we realized that there are no film festival focused on metal, there are film and music festival, but they always show works on salsa, jazz or other genres and also in other festivals we compete with other social documentaries of greater impact" says the Festival’s Executive Producer.

"We decided then to create a film festival to receive this kind of audiovisual works that are around the world and that I am sure have had the same experience as us with our documentary, they have told us that there are almost no films on the subject, but I am totally convinced that they exist, to this day we have received a documentary of the metal scene in Puerto Rico or video clips from Iran, places where you least expect there to be metal ”, said the Artistic Director of the Sebastián Alvarado Festival.

Where to send the movies?

The festival has set up the platform: Filmfreeway, to register audiovisual works, first you have to create an account and register it with the corresponding festival, these platforms are known both by filmmakers and festivals around the world, the advantage is that the filmmakers who upload their works, they can register for more film festivals such as Sundance or Cannes itself, there are 10 categories to participate, among these are, national and international feature films, short films and video clips, the only condition is that the works that are in other languages ​​be subtitled in Spanish, there are no quality conditions or year of production.

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